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Two years ago I created a short RPGMaker game called Tamer Island.  It was my first game and as a result had a lot of flaws with it.  Balancing was weird, there were a lot of typos, ect.  However it's a game that's very personal to me, and I never quite got around to uploading it to a place where it's easier to find and download.

So here you are, itch.io crowd!  My first game!  Have fun with Tamer Island.

You play as Eugene, a man as kind as he is mysterious and venture to a number of different islands in search of monsters to tame and a man to hunt down.  Eugene is a tamer, which means that along the way, you find a number of monsters you can convince to join you.  There are 16 party members in all to recruit and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses.

There are also 60 magical rings to collect & equip as well as 25 wonderful spells to collect for Eugene.  Can you find them all?

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tagseugene, horace, island, JRPG, party-members, rawcliffe, recruit, RPG Maker, tamer, tamer-island

Install instructions

The game is contained within a .zip file.  Within that is a .exe file which will place the game files wherever you'd like.  Afterwards run the game with Game.exe, located within the Tamer Island folder.

You may also require the RPGMaker VX Ace Run Time Package to play.  This can be found here:  http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages


Tamer Island.zip 246 MB

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